7 Flowering Vines You Can Grow on a Trellis

One of the easiest ways to add charm to your garden space is to grow flowering vines on a trellis. We have been working on our cottage garden and have found some lovely flowering vine ideas to add to the fence. Flowering vines make great use of vertical space, so they can really make an impact in your garden.

Perennial Flowering Vines

Today I’m going to share seven different perennial flowering vines that would make lovely additions to any trellis. We grow a few of these climbing plants in our own yard and always appreciate their beauty in the spring!

Most of the flowers I’m sharing with you are perennials, which means they will grow back on their own. A few are annuals, which means you will need to replant them after the season.


Who doesn’t love a beautiful rose? They smell so wonderful and the climbing variety look lovely growing on a trellis or fence. We have roses growing in our little cottage garden against the fence around the pool. I love the way they look in the spring draping over the fence and bathing it in a red color.

Plant Name: Rosa spp

Size: 3-10 feet

Zones: 3-11

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American Wisteria is absolutely gorgeous in the spring. We have wisteria growing all over our yard and it puts on a beautiful show of purple flowers all over the trees behind our pool. One of my sons says the trees look like ladies in dresses! We are currently growing wisteria on our wooden trellis.

Plant Name: Wisteria frutescens 

Size: Vines can reach 30+ feet long

Zones: 5-9

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We originally had a clematis vine growing on our trellis. Their flowers are definitely gorgeous and it is one of the best flowering vines for a trellis.

Plant name: Clematis viticella

Size: 10 feet

Zones: 4-8

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Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas are annuals and need to be replanted every year, but their fragrance is amazing. They look gorgeous twining around a rustic trellis in your garden and one of the best climbing plants to make your garden smell like heaven!

Plant name: Lathyrus odoratus

Zones: 4-10

Size: up to 10 feet

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Climbing Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are absolutely beautiful and if you want to train that beauty up a trellis or fence, look into planting a climbing hydrangea. Climbing hydrangeas are low maintenance climbing plants and you can use the flowers in cut flower arrangements or you can dry them.

Plant name: Hydrangea anomala

Zones: 4-8

Size: 30-50 feet

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Honeysuckle is my absolute favorite climbing vine. From the memories I have of pulling flowers off the fence at my elementary school to the memories of my own kids doing the same in our back yard, it’s a favorite of everyone. It fills our entire yard with its delicious fragrance every spring. It’s amazing!

Plant name: Lonicera periclymenum

Zones: 4-9


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Have you ever thought of planting a moon garden? Moon gardens usually include gorgeous white flowers that open from dusk til dawn. They can be enjoyed by the silvery light of the moon. If you’re looking for a pretty climbing vine for your moon garden, the moon flower is a great choice!

Plant name: Ipomoea alba

Zones: winter hardy to USDA zones 10-12

Size: 10-15 feet when grown in the U.S.

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I hope you enjoyed this look at flowering vines and that you’ve discovered some beautiful climbing plants you can grow in your own garden!

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