10 Modern and Minimalist Nativity Set Ideas


One of my favorite Christmas decorations by far is the nativity set. Now that we have a Catholic home, I am even more interested in adding nativity sets to our home decor. Today I’ld love to share with you some very interesting modern and minimalist nativity set ideas that you can add to your Christmas decor.

When I was growing up, one of my favorite things to do at Christmastime was set up our nativity set. I can remember my grandparents had this gorgeous nativity set with a stable and all of the pieces, Mary, Jospeh, the Wise Men, a Shepherd, angels, animals, and of course, Baby Jesus. They always displayed it on their mantle. To this day, I look forward to bringing our nativity set out.

10 different modern and minimalist nativity set ideas.

Modern Nativity Set

Are you looking for a new take on the nativity set? These modern nativity sets may be just what you’re looking for.

This white modern nativity set tells the beautiful Nativity story with just basic, modern shapes.

This gorgeous stained glass nativity set is a beautiful modern interpretation of the Nativity story.

This modern wooden nativity set is perfect if you love a more modern, rustic look.

If you love handmade ceramics, this adorable ceramic nativity set would be a good option!

Minimalist Nativity Set Made of Glass

When Luke and I first got married we were gifted a lovely little glass nativity set. I’ve always tried to make sure we display it, even though it’s lost a few pieces after all of these years!

This gorgeous minimalist glass nativity set would make a beautiful display!

This stained glass small nativity set is an interesting take on the traditional nativity scene.

Minimalist Wooden Nativity Set

How gorgeous is this all-wooden minimalist nativity set? This particular nativity scene is made from olive wood right from the Holy Land!

Here is another cute take on the modern nativity scene.

Simple Nativity Set

Sometimes you just want something that is simple, yet beautiful. These two nativity sets are simple, classic, and worthy of your Christmas decor.

This simple metal nativity set is one piece, so you can store it away and not worry about losing any pieces. Its design is understated!

I just had to share this cute, simple nativity set. I think this one would be great for kids to play with. It looks durable and fun!

I just love displaying Christmas nativity sets indoors. I hope that you were able to spot some good nativity sets that might work well with your decor!

More Ideas for Your Catholic Home

Here are even more ideas for decorating your Catholic home to reflect your faith and honor Christ.

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