15+ Catholic Home Decor Ideas


When we first moved into our home, I wanted to make sure that our home represented our faith. Creating a Catholic home was very important to me. I felt a sense of peace knowing that the previous owners were Catholics. I could even see the chalk outline from when they had marked the door on Epiphany. I am still working on incorporating Catholic decor into our home. It’s definitely a work in progress. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Catholic decorating ideas that I’ve been eyeing.

15+ Catholic Home Decorating Ideas

Catholic Wall Decor

Catholics love to celebrate, and we live liturgically, which means there’s usually always something going on! One way that I like to bring honor to God is by incorporating some Catholic wall decor into our home. Most of the items I’ve found below can be displayed year round.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Wall Art

Sacred Heart of Jesus Wall Art

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of the most revered symbols of our faith. It is a representation of Christ’s love for mankind through his sacrifice on the cross. Some Catholics will even enthrone their homes to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Wall Decor

In many Catholic homes you will find the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary hung together on the wall.

It “commemorates the joys and sorrows of the Mother of God, her virtues and perfections, her love for God and her Divine Son and her compassionate love for mankind.”

Rosary Wall Hanger

Rosary Wall Hanger

Every Catholic knows about the rosary. I would love to have a beautiful rosary display to hang on the wall with a spot for each family member’s rosary.


White crucifix next to front door.

I probably should have put the crucifix at the top of the list, but every Catholic home has at least one crucifix. If you’re wondering where to hang your crucifix, you can place it beside or above your front door and in each bedroom.

Holy Water Font

Holy Water Font

Many Catholics like to have Holy Water readily available, and placing a holy water font by your front door is a great way to allow you to bless yourself as you enter and leave your home. See holy water fonts for home.

The Last Supper Picture

The Last Supper Wall Hanging

I love pictures of The Last Supper. I am really excited to get a Last Supper picture to display in our dining room.

Divine Mercy Image

There is a devotion that goes along with the image of the Divine Mercy, and many Catholics will display the image by their front doors.

Holy Family Picture

Holy Family Image

When Luke and I were confirmed in the Catholic faith, a blogger friend gifted us with a framed picture of the Holy Family. It is one of my favorite pictures and I hang it on my bedroom wall.

Bless Us, Oh Lord Catholic Meal Prayer

Bless Us Oh Lord Meal Prayer

With the popularity of words on walls, the traditional Catholic prayer before meals would look great in the dining room!

Three Hearts Picture

Mom Saints Print

Moms Saints Print

I just love many of the “mom” saints. I think this cute picture would look great in a nursery.

Catholic Decorations for a Shelf or Table

There are definitely other ways to display Catholic items in the home. You can easily add some Catholic items to a table or a shelf to represent your faith and remind you to pray.

Mary Statue

I keep a statue of Mary beside my entry way. It’s important to realize that Catholics do not worship Mary, nor do they worship any saint statues. My Mary statue is a reminder of the blessed mother and the sacrifice her son gave on the cross.

Other Saint Statues

Catholics look to the saints as an inspiration for living the Christian way of life. Having saint statues around your home is a good reminder of that.

Nativity Set

Nativity sets aren’t just for Christmas! You can display a lovely nativity set all year long.

Catholic Prayers Wooden Cubes

I like to keep our Catholic prayers wooden cubes in the common areas of our homes. When we need a reminder of how to say a particular prayer

Rosary Holder

If you don’t want to display your rosary on the wall, a lovely rosary holder to keep up with your rosary.

More Catholic Home Ideas

Need more inspiration for your Catholic home?

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