Where To Hang Your Crucifix

Luke and I became Catholic in July 2020. The story of why we switched from Protestant to Catholic is a long one, but when we moved to our Ivy Farmhouse, we were both determined to make a Catholic home. We felt even more right about our decision to become Catholic and move to this house in particular when we found out that the previous owners are also Catholic. One of the first things I began to do when we moved in was to decorate with some of our Catholic things, in particular, our crucifix. In this post we are going to discuss where to hang your crucifix in your home, and why the crucifix is so important to Catholics.

Crucifix Benefits

Before I became Catholic, I always found the crucifix hard to look at. Most Protestants have no problem displaying crosses in their homes and would rather not be reminded of Jesus’ agony. Once I became a Catholic, I realized that without the crucifixion, the birth of Jesus would have been pointless. I even heard someone say that a cross with Jesus is just a torture device.

So, why do Catholics hang the crucifix in their homes? Catholic Education so simply states that hanging a crucifix is

“for yourself.  It’s so you can look at it in peace and prosperity and remember how ephemeral worldly peace and prosperity are.

And it’s so you can look at it in terrible, painful times and see that pain is never empty and meaningless because is full of the company of Christ.  And it’s so you can remember that the cross, that instrument of torture, is occupied — not by you, but by the one who took your place for no good reason at all except that he loves you.”

Catholic Education

In a culture that increasingly rejects Christ, hanging the crucifix is a symbol of taking that rejecting and throwing it out the door. Hanging the crucifix on our wall gives us pause, to stop and to remember that Christ died for us, and that salvation is the ultimate gift.

Crucifix Over a Door

Many Catholic homes display the crucifix in a main area, especially over a door. Hanging the crucifix in a spot where it is visible either when people enter or leave the home is a good thing to do. The symbol of Christ’s body on the cross will serve as a daily reminder to pray and to thank God for his mercies.

Our homes serve as a domestic church, and are therefore a holy place. The crucifix is a prominent sign of Christ’s sacrificial love inside of our domestic church.

My husband bought this crucifix in Mexico long before either of us became Catholic. It has hung on a wall in every home we have ever lived in. We decided to place it beside the door we use most frequently to enter and leave our home. I love that I can see the crucifix as I walk down the stairs every morning. I feel such peace when I see it.

Crucifix Over Bed

Catholics also often hang a crucifix in each bedroom, particularly over the bed. My husband and I have ordered a second crucifix to go over our bed. It will serve as a constant reminder that Christ conquered death and evil, and that He is the head of our marriage.

We plan to add a crucifix to each bedroom in our home as a reminder of Christ’s sacrifice.

More Ideas for Your Catholic Home

Here are even more ideas for decorating your Catholic home to reflect your faith and honor Christ.

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  1. Hi there! Thank-you for this. I’m converting to Catholicism and this was helpful. Do you have an Instagram?

  2. Hi —
    I have a large crucifix that I want to hang in my living room. It is @ 2.5 high and weighs @10 lbs (guess). It is not small.

    The wood of the cross is two branches tied together, about 2″ dia. The horizontal is in front of the vertical. I have been looking online for hardware to hang a sculpture, but I can’t find anything suitable. Basically I am looking for museum-quality hardware.

    The corpus on the crucifix is hand-carved from a single piece of wood.

    I want to secure this crucifix at the 4 ends of the wood of the cross. What suggestions do you have?

    I can send you a photograph if you would like.

  3. Hallo! I want to hang a crucifix on a certain wall in our living room. It’s the only wall where the crucifix would have visual prominence. This wall however already has a large painting hanging on it, with no room above for the crucifix. Is it okay to hang a crucifix BELOW something else on a wall, or is it supposed to have the highest place? I’m picturing the crucifix centered under the painting (a non-religious medieval scene), with religious pictures on either side of it. As Jesus was born in a lowly stable, I can’t imagine that He’d mind, but I’d still like to know what the “etiquette” is. Thank you.

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